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As a Senior UX Designer at Telia I worked closely with the Product Owners to increase conversion with the help of UX Design at I was responsible for the Mobile & Broadband sales. I participated in the creation of 'Nya Telia'. I redesigned the check-out and product-pages after qualitative user studies as well as continuous AB-testing and learnings from Usabilla. I also help the organization during their first steps with a Design System.
#UX-Design #UX-Research #E-Commerce #organisationalchange
2019 - 2021
Högskolan i väst
I have been giving a much appreciated reoccurring 3-day guest lecture in UX in December, since 2016. The idea is to teach the students ‘by doing’ real UX activities.
#UXDesign #UXResearch #Servicedesignthinking
2016 - 2018
As a Usability specialist at Ascom I got to do user research among nurses and their usage of phones when attending  patients at hospitals as well as interaction design for phones and setup.
#usability #UXResearch
2009 - 2011
Scania Autonomous Trucks
As a Macro ergonomic designer (Service designer) I did user research and journey-mapping for autonomous truck systems at the Ergonomics and HMI department at Scania Trucks in Södertälje.
As an Interactiondesigner for Luftfartsverket's Arlanda airport system I designed the system and trained the personnel for the new Passenger Guidance Systems. (While employed at Infracontrol.)
#UXDesign #UXResearch
2001 - 2002
As a Usability Specialist at Trafikverket in Sweden I did interaction design and requirement analysis för highway control systems used for traffic surveillance 24-7. (While employed at Infracontrol.)
#UXDesign #UXReserach
1999 - 2008
Volvo IT/Marketing & Sales
As a Senior UX Designer I participated in a pre-study of a new sales tool for trucks and services for Volvo Trucks, putting the focus on the user’s experience. I created personas, customer journeys, a service blueprint, user journeys and a prototype together with the organisation. Coaching them in how to start thinking in an agile scrum way. I did qualitative user interviews with Truck Salesmen and filmed them while they interacted with their current systems highlighting the problems they currently experienced.
#workshopfacilitation #organisationalchange #journeymapping #uxresearch #serviceblueprint
2015 - 2016
As a Lean UX Coach at Ellos me and a colleague coached Ellos on how to successfully use Design Thinking methodology and tools in their organisation. Using agile scrum methods. Holding workshops and co-creating Personas, Customer journeys and User stories. For both customers and internal users.
#organisationalchange #servicedesignthinking #leanux #customerjourneymapping
Ericsson Packet Core
As a Servicedesigner at Ericsson Packet Core 5G I helped the organization to do UX Research & Design for their Network control applications. Me and my colleauges from Gaine also worked with the group E2 at Ericsson, teaching them about how to use Service design thinking to their advantage when designing with microservices.
#Servicedesign #Workshopfacilitation #organisationalchange
Volvo Trucks Driver Interface
I spent one and a half busy year at the Volvo Trucks Cab department as a Feature Leader for Driver interface (dashboard and driving gears). In our team we did a lot of clinics with truck drivers where we verified concepts and hypothesis. I also worked with the organization to start using more Lean UX methods. By trying to incorporate Personas, User journeys and User stories in their normal way of working.
#UXResearch #LeanUX
2012 - 2013
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