The brief
Hogia Business Products create solutions for small and medium sized companies administrative tasks. They wanted to get to know their users a little bit better. We at Gaine helped them to get to meet real users from these target groups.

People from different departments in the large organisation was first invited to a Proto-persona workshop where they co-created personas of their assumed users.

After the internal workshops we at Gaine searched and found people matching these co-created personas profiles when it comes to activities, needs and pains.

The people was invited to a lunch event at Visual Arena at Lindholmen where they was interviewed. The invitee was also filmed and got a free lunch for their participation. We synthesed the outcomes from the workshops into personas and impact maps and we the outcomes of the lunch event into shorter film clips that could be used in development.

We got really good feedback from all the participants saying that it was a fun event and that they really loved to participate. Hogia also told us that the outcome was very valuable. We believe that this form of user events could be beneficial for many different kind of development organisations.