The problem
Volvo Group Marketing and Sales organisation, located in Gothenburg, handle a diverse set of applications and systems, with a wide range from legacy factory systems to mobile apps. Many with overlapping functionality and cumbersome usability. These needed to be updated and/or replaced. The organisation wanted to make sure that the new systems were usable for the users.

As a Senior UX Designer to the pre-study project Total Offer Sales Solution Margareta was responsible for leading the research and design process towards creating better user experience for all stakeholders involved in the sales process.

In order to tackle the challenge, a larger scope with a more holistic view was needed. The organisation wanted to become more user and customer focused. Margareta introduced user research as an essential activity in the projects for getting real user insights on problems needs and activities. Margareta also helped the organisation to map those insights to their own hypotheses and assumptions.

The concept Business Impact map was introduced as a way to keep track of all wanted impacts on different levels. The concepts personas and customer journey was also introduced, as a way to visualize all the different users un different levels. Both external and internal stakeholders were mapped out with their hypothetical problems and needs during their activities. User journeys aligned with the customer journey was introduced and created. All work was made through both individual and collaborative cross functional workshops. Hyptheses from the workshops were later researched with users. User stories and a user story map based on the verified journeys were created. The concept of Minimal Viable Product (MVP) was introduced and a simple html mockup/prototype was created.

The MVP mockup/prototype was meant to be tested on users. Unfortunately the project ran out of time before this was conducted. Looking back at the project we realized that we could have started the prototyping much earlier and then maybe had more time for user tests.