Volvo Group Connected Solutions (VGCS) is a development organisation, located in Gothenburg, that develop telematic web services for Volvo Trucks, Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Penta and Volvo Buses. As a Senior UX Designer at VGCS I was responsible for reforming the way of working connected to user experience activities within the organisation.
The organisation struggled with long lead times to customer value and huge backlogs and wanted to speed up the time from idea to concept remarkably. A need for more holistic view and a continuous feedback from real users could also be noticed by the people in the organisation.
Who were the stakeholders?
The development-organisation created solutions for a variety of different external and internal users, who had been mapped out in earlier work. But it became clear that user knowledge needed to be incorporated into everyday work in a much better way and not get lost on the way. The concept customer journeys and service blueprints were introduced as a help to separate different needs to different solutions. With new concepts and new way of working came also a need for a culture change in the organisation. Towards a more sustainable and agile culture with more co-creation and less requirements documentation.
A project called Shared Understanding was formed where participants from the organisation could learn how to use Lean Startup and Design Thinking in their every day work. In parallel with this the whole organisation’s culture came in focus, as all people wanted to work in a better and new way of working.
In this project I collaborated with my Gaine-colleague Gabriella Keisz. We sat up co-creation workshops every second week, an anonymous culture survey and an organisational culture workshop with the whole department. During this time we also conducted User research within the construction area.