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We at Gaine have a passion for codesign. We believe that codesigning together with you and your users create a holistic understanding of the experience surrounding your product or service.

We believe that design is so much more than just the end product or service. Our design process begins with the why and the who. These are the humans that fuel the business experience.

We love making sense of complexities. Our design process gives you a helicopter view of your company with your vision all the way to the touchpoints of the user experience. This helicopter view enables you to make better, more informed decisions that take the big picture into account. Read more from us in our blog.

We are here to guide you.


Some of the companies Gaine worked with

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Margareta Gajne

Founder, Senior UX & Service designer

I've been designing services and products for about 20 years and believe that almost anything can be solved with good design. I started the company Gaine five years ago and love the diversity of working with both large and small clients and projects.


Experience & Service designer

I work across boarders and collaborate with people of all types to solve challenges. My goal is to provoke inspiration in the community around me.

Mia Fay

Experience & Service designer

I practice design as a mindset and love connecting the dots between people and ideas to make meaning with our fellow human.

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AB Gaine c/o Nils Stenbergs redovisning, floor 4 in the elevator
Theres Svenssons gata 10
417 55 Gothenburg
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